Greg Rhein is a commercial photographer living and working New York City. He specializes in food/beverage, fine art, portrait and wedding photography. Additional work includes event, landscape, architectural, abstract and live music. Greg lives his passion capturing the essence of culture in it's ever evolving state (e.g. life, love, food, creativity, history, tradition, music, art and innovation ).

"I have this idea in my mind of where I want to go and who I want to become...it's simultaneously extravagant and elementary. When I was younger I was blindly stubborn and believed beyond a doubt that I would never "conform" to what I perceived the world to be. Naturally, with age comes life and its humbling lessons. My passion for photography has translated into a balance of how I need to live and how I want to live. I document, I distort light and time.  I create memories. I like to think I make people happy."


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