This plan is geared towards bars & restaurants (in the NYC area) looking to boost their social media platforms. Eye catching, quality photos are a must on social media today to build your following and bring in new customers. (As an added bonus I will also feature favorite shots of your business on my social accounts tagging you and describing the content in detail)

Note: If this plan is not right for your business I also offer a more traditional photo shoot experience for a one time fee.


Here's how it works...

I come to your establishment once a month and spend around 2 hours photographing items of your choosing. Such items can include anything from weekly specials, brunch, new cocktails, interior/exterior architectural, new staff, fresh ingredients, meal prep, your chef cooking or whatever else you can think of! A shoot can also translate into 2 hours of event photography. This provides you with daily images to post on social media accounts.

Coordinating the best time/day that works for your business and staff is important as so to be ideally unobtrusive.



- Monthly - $500

3 month commitment  -  $450 per month  ($150 savings)  

6 month commitment  -  $400 per month  ($600 savings) 

12 month commitment -  $350 per month  ($1800 savings) 

*Maximum of 2 locations per commitment


For any other questions fill out the "CONTACT ME" form or call me directly (845) 820-1479